Choosing a website as Part of your yoga business journey

We know that after graduating from Yoga Teacher Training, you might be wondering about the next steps in building your yoga business, alongside your practice! 

We are here to help make that journey as smooth as possible, as we know there are so many things vying for your attention right now. Making it one step easier, we have designed 4 website templates for you to choose from, with specific knowledge and insight from one of our own team members, also a RYT200HR certified yoga instructor. 

I would say that you're feeling bit overwhelmed and wondering where to start.

It isn't easy starting up a new business, or allowing others to know that you have something of value to offer - whether that's private yoga classes, guided meditations, breathwork workshops, group classes, and more - the world needs your gift that you have to give. And we'll help you to get started!

If I could guess...

Not to mention...

There are a MILLION talented designers out there.

You've probably spent countless hours scouring Pinterest saving pins of all the gorgeous brand designs you wish were yours. You've spent nights scrolling Instagram saving posts of any number of brand and website designers that you'd love to work with, but you know the investment is going to be huge and are you even at a place in your business to have every single thing that your website will need to complete the project? 

Do you have the perfect copy for all the pages that sounds just like how you sound in real life? Are you telling your potential clients everything you need to on your website in order for them to spend money with you?

Do you have photos for your website that you LOVE and will stir up the emotions you want in your potential clients so they know that working with you is going to be an amazing experience?

There's a lot to consider when you start working with a brand and website designer and it can feel overwhelming to have answers to all the questions that any brand and website designer will ask of you as a client.

that finding a whole creative team like a Brand Designer, a Website Designer, and a Copywriter Can Feel Like You’re Putting It All On Black In Vegas.

After careful collaboration with multiple yoga instructors (those who have been in the industry for a long time and those who are brand-new), we've developed 4 website templates that we consider to offer a huge variety and depth for all yoga instructors to be able to utilize. These are websites that will allow your business to attract effortlessly the perfect people, like bees to flowers 🐝

What If There Was An Easier Way to Build Your Brand And Website?

After finishing your teacher training program, we want you to be able to move immediately forward in finding clients and growing your yoga business. With choosing one of the four website templates, you'll be quickly on your way. So, you'll spend less time worrying about your website, and more time growing your audience and funneling people to you and all the magic you create. 

Can You Imagine being able to launch your new website only weeks after graduating?

Sounds like the dream

When you decide you want to purchase a template from us, this is the easy and pain-free process:

1. You will browse through our four website templates and choose which one calls to you the most!

2. You will then decide on which color palette is love at first sight for ya!

3. You will purchase the template directly from our website. 

4. You will be emailed a link to fill out just a smidge of additional information (so we can add that to your website!) and upload a few photos you would like to share with the world.

5. You will need to purchase a Showit account, the website platform we solely utilize.

6. You will need to purchase your domain name through NameCheap.

7. You'll meet with our team to discuss final edits and any other changes before the website goes live.

8. Your website launches live and your magic begins spreading! Wahoo!

How it all works!

Enough already, let 's go!


We know, it's a big decision and you might have some additional questions! Feel free to drop us a line, and we'll get back to you! We want to make this as easy as possible!