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We empower healing arts practitioners and yoga teachers to bring their work to the world, using all the online tools at our fingertips.

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Spread Your



You may have never been online before, or you might have pieced together some sort of a logo or website for yourself. Either way we can create a new brand identity and website to fit your personality and attract the people that want to learn from you.

Gather an Audience

We know that “If you build it they will come” sounds really awesome on field of dreams, but that’s usually not a great business strategy. You actually have to tell people that you have something to offer. We help you create consistent content to let people know you exist, like you enough to pay attention to you over time, and then trust you to pay you money.

Bring your Teaching online

Start offering classes, workshops, or any other offering you can think of online on your own platform so you’re never at the mercy of a brick and mortar studio or what’s happening in the world to be able to make an income.

The origins of 


When one of our team members at our agency lost her yoga teaching job due to a closing studio, Wayfinder was created. We ran across so many other yoga instructors and healers that had become displaced because of Covid and the volatile state of our economy. Very quickly we realized that people needed a solution to take their teaching online, but it’s a daunting task especially if you’re not comfortable online or have never been your own boss. Thinking outside of the box is our jam, so we are thrilled to say that our team member Krista was able to get a new teaching job at a new space, created a Yoga Community with a couple of fun friends, and built a personal brand for her Yoga and Reiki practice.

Find Freedom


Building an online brand will give you the peace of mind to be able to offer yoga or healing online, create programs or other offerings, and give you the freedom to work around your ideal schedule on the things that delight you the most.

view our website designs

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